National program for the early detection of cervical cancer


Listen: The national campaign implementation required the creation of visual identity, logo, invitational letter, brochure and promotional materials.

Think: Metropolis researched the best practices in countries having a tradition of successful national campaigns and strategies, as well as the target groups of risk-prone women.

Create: Key messages based on research results have been developed for every specific target group, the logo, font and leaflet have been created along with the other material for the campaign, and the brand platform was used to integrate all the elements into an organic whole.

Impact: A coherent and modern brand image has been created, and the campaign sign and the messages rely on optimism and joyfulness to inspire a choice of a healthy lifestyle and the concern for proper health and the health of our dearest ones.

Services: Brand platform, messages, visual identity, logo creation and standardization, designing the brochure, leaflets, posters and promotional material.