Interalp and ECCO footwear


Listen: The leading ECCO brand distributor in the region wanted to secure an equally successful position in the Serbian market relying on a chain of retail stores.

Think: Metropolis researched the competitors and their product offer to define the marketing strategy capable of strongly conveying messages to the target public and closely communicating with the lifestyle media.

Create: Clear messages have been created, along with printed and POS materials, press material, invitations and vouchers, integrated into a program designed to articulate the campaign and allow the at the promotions to feel the comfort of the footwear that moves.

Impact: Intense campaign, and especially the "testing" of footwear in the shops along with the gift vouchers, polarized the customers to the point that once they've tried on the ECCO footwear, they'd never want to change it.

Services: Strategy, media kit, printed material, promotions in shops, public and media relations, advertisements, OOH, integrated campaign.